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Calculus formula for mobile

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    can any one here find my request??

    i want (if it exists) a program that contains all tables and formulas of calculus that can be installed on the mobile phone, i don't want a program to operate calculations , but just show the rules.
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    Why would you want such a thing, when there are hundreds of books around that contain these tables of data, and on the internet there is even more information. Unless, of course, you want something that is easily concealable. You wouldn't be thinking of cheating on a test, would you?
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    Gib Z

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    I HIGHLY doubt something like that exists, however depending on how new and pricey your mobile it, it may be able to display word documents. There are documents on the internet with vast tables of data and also books of formulas, you could transfer them onto a word document and put them on your phone. However if you are using this to cheat on a test, I have given you this information out of pity.
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    how can cheat in the test??

    i think the mobiles are forbidden in the tests.
    second, in the test they give you a formula sheet with all formulas that you will need.
    third , i have no test, i am self studying it.

    in THOMAS' Calculus book , they say that there is some book named Addison wisley calculus review card that contains all formulas necessary for calculus and can be used in assessments, i wanted something like that.

    and as there is dictionaries , medical dictionaries and gragp drawing programmes that can be installed on the mobile, i thought there would be something like a review card for calculus.
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    on a somewhat related note...any scientific calculators available on mobile phones?...i think that would be sweeeeeet
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