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Calculus I book. Suggestions

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    well, i would like to know whether it is worth paying $75 for the book of Michael Spivak Calculus I?? what i want to say, is that i have heard that it is a great book, so since i have never seen it personally, then would someone who has seen it or even worked with it explain to me what are some of the advantages of this book to others. SO what makes it outstand among other calculus I books?

    thnx in advance
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    search spivak or apostol

    also, spivak's book comes with an answer book.

    ps. a new edition of his book will be out by next summer/spring time but there will not be an answer book for another few months after it's release.
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    Its not that great in my opinion. Its not real analysis, and it doesn't contain many applications of calculus. Stewarts book is good for learning and applying calculus. You should then study a book on real analysis like Pugh. You need to get different perspectives from learning calculus (i.e. an engineers/scientists viewpoint and a mathematicians viewpoint). The mathematicians viewpoint comes when you study real analysis. So you might as well learn it properly then waste time on studying a half calculus/ analysis text.
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