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Calculus III Review

  1. May 3, 2013 #1
    I'm sure this question has been asked, but I'm unable to find where, but I was recently accepted to the University of Arkansas, majoring in Math and minoring in physics. I've taken Cal I-III already, but my course work is very sporadic, as I've changed majors once, and essentially taken two semesters off. Consequently, I finished Cal III a year ago(spring 2012) and I'm currently re-taking Cal II (to improve my grade and to be sure I was not with out a calculus class for an entire year.)

    So this is my "dilemma"(for lack of a better word): I remember a few of the bigger concepts of Cal III, like double/triple integrals, and partial derivatives, but I strain to remember the rules and workings of those two concepts and that's about as deep as I can go. So I guess, I am still familiar with Cal III but I'm far from a working knowledge of it, i.e. I wouldn't feel comfortable tutoring some one in it.

    Generally speaking, how much of that Cal III stuff will I need going forward in my degree? The only core math courses that I have taken thus far have been Cal I-III and DiffEq. I plan on getting into institution specific things with my advisor when I get a chance for a face to face meeting(I'm out of state so I'm limited to phone and email correspondence.)

    Last inquiry: Due to the fact that I'm transferring credit from two different Texas two-year colleges to a 4 year Arkansas school, there are disparities in my associate's requirements and the first two year of the Bachelor's program at Arkansas, and those disparities make it such that I was only able to fit one math class (Introduction to Math Proofs) into my schedule. Any recommendations for keeping my calculus fresh in my head for the coming semesters?
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