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Calculus in Programming ?

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    Calculus in Programming ??

    How can i differentiate / Integrate in C/C++, PERL, PYTHON ????
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    Generally speaking, programming languages like C++,PERL, and PYTHON have basic functions built in but for more complex operations like diffentiation and integration, you have to either write or get algoriths.

    Especially if you want symbolic "algebra" results!
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    I don't think those kinds of languages can handle that kind of mathematics. But maybe there's some kind of package out there to let them.

    And the stereotypical answer, just for good measure: you write a program to do it!

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    You will definitely have to look for special math libraries to find algebraic solutions. Most programming uses approximations because, as yu probably know, many integrals are not exactly solvable. Runge-Kutta is the most efficient in general, but Monte Carlo methods are sometimes used. I like the simplicity of Monte Carlo methods- screw math, just get drunk and throw darts at pictures of your equations, and you'll have the answer.
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    I thinkit is not possible to do diff/Int directly but u can always develope the code to fit to u r needs..There are plenty of codes available on line else u can use "Numerical Recieps in C", i t is an excellent book for these type of codes..
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    And the drunkenness is a requirement of the system! The answers are likely to be wrong if the dart thrower is sober. :smile:
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    therez definitely no built-in integ or deriv function that u can call in c/c++/perl etc...
    wut some c/c++ programs do is basically load a database of integral tables and then call the appropriate function and search the function's tables to find the appropriate integral form...in short, it uses integration by table.I think softwarez like maple and deriv, which do these, were written in C...making them user friendly...

    if u want to do the integration and stuff using C then ull need to download functions and then include them like " include <bhahbhah.h> " and then pass appropriate parameters.
    much easier to use software like maple...

    be warned that ur answer can look different from the answer u get by hand cuz the answerz can be expressed in different forms esp forms involving trig functions.

    - Mr. Kamadolli
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    If you're talking about doing numerical differentiation and integration, look no further than the book "Numerical Recipes in C." It's a classic book, a must-own for any scientific programmer, and is available in its entirety, for free, at www.nr.com.


    - Warren
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    I'm at work so I can't give you an exact title of the book. I'll edit it the first chance I get.

    The book is called Math Tookit For Realtime Programming by Jack Krenshaw. The author is an engineer who programmed embedded systems at NASA. The CAS(Computer Algerbra Systems) are great but programming the code is better. If you go that I highly recommend MATHCAD. :biggrin:
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