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Calculus level Catch-up Books

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    My inquiry is hard to describe with out some background so bear with me.

    I have done coursework through Differential Equations and vector calculus in college. The intuitive parts of my education covered in vector calc make perfect sense to me because most of it is very kinesthetically intuitive, while the more abstract content of Diff-eq's and Linear algebra take serious work on my part.

    I feel that I never built the foundation necessary for higher math because I brushed through a lot of coursework back in high school relating to integration and linear algebra. It was easy enough that I didn't have to build a depth of understanding to get through tests.

    I'm looking for a few textbooks that cover Statistics and Probability, Linear Algebra and Calculus (primarily integration and proofs) that I can work through from start to finish to reconstruct my foundations.

    I'm currently working through Spivak's "Calculus" and Axler's "Linear Algebra Done Right." Though I am not dead-set on them, I had always heard good things.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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