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Calculus of Linear and Nonlinear Functions

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    I have recently borrowed a new book from the local library:
    Calculus of Linear and Nonlinear Functions
    by Francis J. Flanigan and Jerry L. Kazdan.

    I have already finished first-year Calculus and I was wondering if this type of book would prepare me well for second-year Calculus in university? Is this the type of material that I am going to study next year if I take Calculus II?

    Any suggestions or hints are greatly appreciated!
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    calculus two is mutli-variable (variat?) calculus, and linear algebra, sometime as semester courses and sometimes as full year courses. I honeslty dont think that will teach you what you will learn in college. but i never read the book. anyway i dont think there is much to be prepared for in calculus II or mv calc, but ofcourse it would make an interesting read if you have the time.

    basically, no that book is not about mv calc, but yes it would be a good idea to read it if you are interested
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    I suspect that the kazdan flanigan book is of course about multivariable calculus. calculus is the technique of approximating non linear functions by linear ones, and the original notes for that book were calculus notes from harvard in the 1960's by jerry kazdan, later turned into a book by him and francis flanigan. i taught out of one vegrsion of it in 1970 or so. it should be a nice easy intro to modern several variables calc. of course you could try reading it instead of deciding which of us to listen to.
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