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Calculus on the GRE

  1. Mar 31, 2012 #1
    So next fall I will be taking the Mathematics subject GRE, and I've been looking over the website, here is a description of the Calculus which will make up the majority of the examination:

    Material learned in the usual sequence of elementary calculus courses — differential and integral calculus of one and of several variables — includes calculus-based applications and connections with coordinate geometry, trigonometry, differential equations and other branches of mathematics.

    I was just wondering what type of questions I would be likely to see. Presumably they can't mostly be technical questions, i.e solving a basic ODE or integrating something, as that seems too simple. So there must be a lot of questions designed to test your geometric intuition then? Or perhaps some analytical-based questions, i.e 'on which of the following domains is the given function Riemann integrable?' ? Any advice you could give on preparing for the material on the GRE would be greatly appreciated :smile:

    Also, what texts would you recommend for reviewing this elementary calculus? I would certainly not be looking for one of those massive first year calculus books, but rather a concise and difficult book which stresses the building of an intuition on the subject, with exercises that go far beyond "differentiate the following 100 functions".

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    See www.ets.org/Media/Tests/GRE/pdf/Math.pdf [Broken]
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