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Calculus Online

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    I'm currently taking Pre-Calculus, and would like to take Calculus I completely online once I complete Pre-Calc. Does anyone here know of any accredited online calculus courses? My college doesn't offer Calc I over the winter break, and I'm not having much luck finding any colleges / universities in state which offer it online or on campus during the winter. My purpose for wanting to take Calc I over the winter is so I can take Calc II in the Spring.

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    I personally would not be at all happy with the idea of taking Calculus I "online". It is very easy (and unfortunately done by some "cookbook" courses) to treat Calculus I as more computations of the kind you see in algebra and precalculus courses. The precise reasoning and new definitions- limits, the difference between average speed and instantaneous speed and how one defines "instantaneous speed"- are a whole new kind of concept, the reason why calculus started a revolution in mathematics and science. I would be very worried that a person doing Calculus I on his own would miss that.
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    This link will get you to Florida's Distance Learning site where you will find several online Calculus classes.

    BTW...this linkhttp://www.distancelearn.org/mainPage.cfm is for their entire online course search. It is the most comprehensive I have found.
    I have taken 15 hrs of online classes. It is NOT easy, but it IS possible.
    Good luck to you,
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