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Calculus Problem.

  1. Oct 8, 2004 #1
    The volume of a 10-ounce box of Cheerios is 182.743 cubic inches. The width of the box is 3.1875 inches less then the length, and its depth is 2.31245 inches. Find the length and width of teh box to the thouandanths.

    A: I've looked at this problem for a couple of hours, and hunted through my textbook for an equal amount of time, searching for the right formula and how to do it. However, I have been unable to solve this problem.
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    Can you set up an equation for the volume of the box?
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    If you set the equation up correctly using all the known info (what's the formula for finding the volume of a box), you should wind up with a quadratic equation.
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    You should know that the Volume of a rectangular solid is "length times width times depth". Call the length "l" and then use a "The width of the box is 3.1875 inches less then the length" to write the width as expression in l. You are told that the volume is 182.743 and the depth is 2.31245 so you have one equation in the one unknown l.

    This is basic geometry and algebra. Why in the world is it called a "Calculus" problem?
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    It's probably preparation for extrema problems.
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