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Calculus problem

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    Hi everyone, i recently got this problem from my college professor and im either incredibly rusty or just dont know how to do this. ive tried to set up some sort of equation using f(x) but i just cant make anything fit or account for everything. any help would be appreciated.

    the question follows:
    A high school has 1000 students and each has a numbered locker where they keep various smelly items. Fortunately all the locker doors are shut. One by one, each student walks past the lockers, and either opens or shuts (depending on its previous position) the door of any locker that divides their own locker number. How many lockers are open at the end?
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    My daughter got this same problem a few weeks back. Suggest you just plug-n-chug to map out the 1st 15-20 students until you see the pattern. At least, that's how we did it.
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