Calculus review!

  1. Hi guys, I have a calculus test tomorrow and it'll be great if I can recieve some answers + explanations! my review sheet is attached. if this is breaking the rules im sorry.

    hope this actually helps some other people too

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  3. for #1
    i got 3x^2-sin(xy^2)*2xy [dy/dx]*y^2
    whadaya thinks?
  4. for #2) its log(x)/log4 b)then graph it with my TI89 then find the deriv @ .4

    at work right now so no calculator on me =)
    btw: does the TI89 have a test function == like the ti86?
  5. #3) f'(x)=2+cosx so we have to prove f'(x) is constantly positive or negative.. but how would we approach that?
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    What's the minimum of cos(x) (assuming x is real)
  7. sorry im not quite following you. on the y axis it is -1, and on the x it can be -infinite. please correct me if im wrong
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    So, if the minimum value of cos(x) is -1, what is the minimum value of 2+cos(x)?
  9. lol wow i feel so dumb

    thanks onward to the next question after i finish some quick job for my boss.
  10. i got x-4=y^3+y
    so turn my ti89 to parametric mode and y1 = t^3+t
    y2= -1 right? (since its g(3) 3-4 = -1)
    then i trace for a zero?
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  11. just came back from my test and i got confused on a question... find the deriv of x+sin(xy) i got (-sec(x)-y)/x but the calc gave me 1

    thanks to all the people that replied and (attempted to) help
  12. d/dx{x+sin(xy)} = 1 +cos(xy)[xdy/dx+y]
  13. oh my goddd what did i do!?! i messed up.. oh wells :smile:
    thanks himanshu121 for reminding me of my errror
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