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Calculus sketch question

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    hey guys, having trouble with this one:

    y=x + 4/(x-1)

    i have found 1st and 2nd derivatives.

    Minimum turing point at (1/2, 15/4) and there are no points of inflexion. there is an asympote at x=1....right.

    This line is more than just that though isnt it? how can u tell that you got all the lines? we did it in class with limits but i kinda didnt get it.

    All help is apprecaited........thanks!
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    How about the simple questions like:

    What's the value of y at x=0?


    What's the value of x at y=0?

    (You are correct about the asymptote at x=1 - which direction does it go?)

    I also get different x-values for the turning point(s).
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