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Calculus vs Pre-Calculus

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    I'm in Pre-calc as a sophomore and I find it very easy. I have held the highest grade in my class, of mostly juniors and seniors, since the beginning of the year. I am going to be taking A.P. Calculus AB next year and I am a little worried. Is it similar to pre-calc? If i did really well in pre-calc will i do just as well in calculus?by (jess)
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    If you're doing well so far, and you keep up with your studies, then I don't see why you would be so worried about taking Calc AB.
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    Calculus is much different than pre-calculus conceptually. Pre-calculus is just some algebra, trigonometry, and review to help you in calculus but rarely ever has calculus. Once you study calculus, if you like it, then you will excel, even if it is hard work.
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