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Calibrating DE

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    arXiv:0808.0189 [ps, pdf, other]
    Title: Calibrating Dark Energy
    Authors: Roland de Putter, Eric V. Linder
    Comments: 9 pages, 10 figures
    Subjects: Astrophysics (astro-ph)
    Exploring the diversity of dark energy dynamics, we discover a calibration relation, a uniform stretching of the amplitude of the equation of state time variation with scale factor. This defines homogeneous families of dark energy physics. The calibration factor has a close relation to the standard time variation parameter w_a, and we show that the new, calibrated w_a describes observables, i.e. distance and Hubble parameter as a function of redshift, typically to an accuracy level of 10^{-3}. We discuss implications for figures of merit for dark energy science programs.
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