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California engineering schools

  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1
    hi. its until recently ive noticed how most people grow up with a goal getting into a certain college. but that wasnt my case. i cant tell you how how frustrated i am at this point in my academic life.

    how did you guys factor in what college you guys wanted to go to? was it because how pretty the school was, how high it ranked compared to MIT, close to home, etc.

    please help me decide because i dont want to get into a school where professors suck and student body are anti social and by then it will be too late. ive heard of times where people got into UCSD and realized how lame that school was, socially wise, which can be a hindrance in an academic point of view.

    ive been studying for half a day so sorry if this doesnt make any sense.

    comments, suggestions?

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