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Call a man do job about real estate intermediary

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    I would want to call a man do job about real estate intermediary
    but I don't know to call ?

    Is "intermediary man" correct ?

    Thank you

    by the way, is this job earn a lots money ?
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    Re: intermediary

    I think the term you're looking for is "middle man" informally, or "realtor" as an actual title.

    I have no idea what they earn...they usually earn money on commission (I think it's 3% of the here in the US), so it depends on their sales.
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    Re: intermediary

    Freezik, please don't take this the wrong way, but you keep asking why noone responds to your posts and it seems to me that your english is rather broken and as such your questions / posts are somewhat confusing and difficult to understand.

    I think you are going for middle man with the above post, however I think your wording is incorrect as you are doing direct translations through an online translator / dictionary.

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    Re: intermediary

    it's lisab - your buddy understand my question.. I have answer
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    Re: intermediary

    Yes, but my post referred to all of your posts, I only put it here as it is the latest one and would not drag another one up the top of the list.
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    Re: intermediary

    Sorry I care who understand me. I can't care what they think my post is. Thank you so more about your reference
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