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Call me Moses

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    Bow before me or incur the wrath of god! :biggrin:
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    Writing engineering specs is like walking on water - both are easier if they are frozen.
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    Yeah, there definitely seems to be something solid underneath the liquid water, from my view of the video anyway.
  5. Mar 10, 2010 #4
    Could it be just an extra thick solution of corn starch and water?

    By the way he walks, the way he always keeps his feet moving, I think it could be.
  6. Mar 10, 2010 #5
    Did Moses walk on water? I'm going to have ask my Latino neighbor.
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    Doesn't look like a cornstarch mixture to me. I know what what you are referring to; "non-newtonian fluids" but it seems like plain water(on the surface) to me. Walking on a cornstarch solution would not be that clean, at all.

    Ice slab(or something similar) under water, in my(and other's first)opinion.
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    It is just water i think. Why would you add the term "liquid"?! I never heard anyone talking about walking on saturated liquid water at P =1atm and T=100 C, v = 1.0435E-3 m^3/kg, you just walk on water. I have done it quite a few times too :)
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    Bingo! It isn't "extra thick" though. It's just cornstarch and water mixed in a certain ratio. There are no solids there. That thing I am walking on is completely liquid.
  10. Mar 10, 2010 #9
    No, he split the red sea. Jesus is the one who walked on water.
  11. Mar 10, 2010 #10
    anirudh, I'm convinced.

    Now can you try turning water into wine?
  12. Mar 10, 2010 #11
    the real question is whether or not he will sink if he suddenly loses faith
  13. Mar 11, 2010 #12
    Thou shalt not indulge in alcohol and other intoxicants. But just this once.... Red or white?
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