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Calling All Grease Monkies

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    I recently got a 1975 Honda CB400 and am planning on turning it into a Cafe Racer. I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint the gas tank yellow with a black frame and a yellow quarter ferring, but I'm still not sure. Does anybody have any cool ideas.
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    Did someone say cafe racers? I really want to get a nightster and make it look like a cafe racer. I would do white/black/gray, or red/black/white.
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    I'm really considering keeping the gas tank charcoal gray and painting the frame red and the engine and exhaust black. Then I'll put a quarter ferring and some clubman handle bars on.
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    Lets have some before and after pics, a yellow fairing and petrol tank sounds cool.
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    ill put some pictures on as soon as i find out how
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