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Calling all physicists (please help me!)

  1. Apr 22, 2004 #1
    Hey guys :wink:
    I was lieing in bed this morning thinking about physics (as usual) mmmmmm physics and my boyfriend said you spend more time thinking about physics than me. This is putting serious strains on our relationship but i just cant stop thinking about the fasinating facts and theorys that physics provides us with. Is there a recognised addiction/illness that covers my condition and where can i recieve help (support groups for example). On a more serious note...what did actually come first? the chicken or the egg? This question is driving me insane and my boyfriend away!!!!! HELP!!!!!!! I cant cope without knowing! everytime i look at a chicken i want to scream! :confused:
    any addvice on my illness or the question thats driving me crazy will be gratefully recieved.
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    umm u better post that to General Philosophy there is a topics just right for u.

    btw my thinking was that. chicken came first, cause egg must be lay by a egg
    lay-able animal. right? =P

    life begins with a single cell and it goes on transformaing or evloving into others until something was turn to be a chicken , and that chicken have the ability to lay eggs.

    it's like apeman came from fish? sea mamals,who lay eggs? (not the one with shell but with a membrane.... something like that) (i hope this is right. it's just my memory ) then it was [ evlove ] into human, and human born beautiful babies.
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    jimmy p

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    i would have said the egg came first. Cos the chicken-like ancestor would have laid the egg in which NOWADAYS chicken has evolved into.
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    Neither, the pre chicken single celled organsim split in two, making one the first "to be chicken".
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    Well thanks a lot for your answer BUT one problem any solutions to my condition??
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    Possible Solutions:

    Educate yourself about physics.

    What do you like better, physics or present boyfriend?

    Get rid of boyfriend.

    Get physicist for boyfriend. Warning: They are like mink.
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    I don't think that appealing to physicists for advise about this is going to get you anywhere. You need to consult with resident PF Relationship Couselor, Ms. Evo. She is your only hope
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    Ah, I have the same problem. I cannot stop talkig or thinking about science. It does have a tendency to annoy some people.
    anywho, there was a thread on "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
    in general philosophy : https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=17128

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