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Calling all theorems

  1. Jul 17, 2007 #1
    I am currently trying to put together a notebook containing all of the essential definitions and theorems that I have learned from alegebra, geometry, and calculus I up until now.

    I am about to set out to flip through all of my texts, but first I thought I would ask: Does anyone happen to know of a list of essential theorems and defs.? If I could just find a nice list it would do wonders for my patience.

    Any ideas would help; I'll get Googling:rolleyes:

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    What calculus are you in?

    I'm sure wiki has a list of theorems and postulates for geometry. (Alternate interior angles theorem, for example)

    Calculus I-II has a good few, and algebra has tons of properties and formulas.

    Heh, I think I'll do a list by myself. This is a neat idea.
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    I am in Calculus I. This is more work than I anticipated!
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    You may start by going through this list :smile:
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    Thanks CompuChip! That is a great start along with the appendices of my texts.

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