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This guy is amazing, Federer that is, especially the way he has regulated himself. He seems emotionally blunt at times, but I beginning to believe that he's a genius. Nadal seems to be able to intimidate and brainwash his opponents, but Roger seems to be able to take any kind situation, no matter how extreme, and rise through it. He breezed through the first two sets, but somehow lost the third; I think that this is the point where some opponents start panicking and questioning themselves, Nadal inflicts such nerves at the most unexpected moments because he's able to "testosterone his way through" the whole match. While most people strategize to keep a steady mental and emotional state, this is when they usually lose track of "what they were doing" and can't rebound from the uncertainty.

But those of you who watch tennis, this was such an important match at so many levels, especially for Federer, it was nice to watch him succeed with the sophistication and drama that he displayed. Even with situations that seemed reminiscent of his past failures with this guy...he deals with himself extremely well and that's what I probably admire the most.
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I would hardly say Federer "breezed through" the second set. There was a point in the middle of the tie breaker that Nadal was up a mini-break. Nadal, however, forgot to show up for the opening set.
I think in the post match interview, he admitted that he was actually nervous from the third set onwards( I think ), but he eventually managed to pull through. Anyway, it was a great match and Federer a great champion .
On staying calm under pressure , the guys who would rank high on my list would be Lleyton Hewitt, Andre Agassi and Marcos Baghdathis ( I love him !)



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Great game to watch. Apart from the first set, I thought Nadal was very good. Some of the base line tennis was of the highest level. Federer has this amazing one-handed cross court backhand which is so elegant and exquisite.

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