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Calorie burner: Can this idea work?

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    I've an idea to help to burn calories without doing any exercise.

    Stay outside on a cold winter night, without much winter clothes. Our body keeps trying to maintain the temperature and eventually burns lots of calories for doing that. Will need some research to find out the threshold temperature, at which the body gives up.

    From my kids' pediatrician, I learned infants are incapable of self adjusting their body temperature, but older ones are capable of that.
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    From a calorie burning point of view it's a fantastic idea. It's all good till you suffer from exposure and die from hypothermia. At -60 you burn about 100cal and hour just by breathing (or something like that, I heard it on a program about the antarctic once)

    Note: there is no hard and fast temperature that people can sit in with no ill effects.
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    Absolutely right. You won't care about your weight when you're dead.

    You should volunteer to be the first subject of this experiment.
    Good luck.
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    Chi Meson

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    I once went XC skiing (skate) in -7 degrees F. After about 45 minutes of that, I felt as though I had run a marathon. It took two days to recover. Talking to my cousin/doctor, he was telling me all the physiological stress I put myself through for that 45 minutes of notfun.

    I don't think that hanging around in short sleeves on a 50 degree F day is going to do the same thing, though.
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