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Calorimetry calibration

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
in the reaction 10mL of 1M NaOH + 5mL of 1M HCl (adiabatic)
given change in temp=2.1°C (temp initial is the temp of NaOH, temp final is acquired after the addition of HCl)
find: qrxn, qcal, Ccal

2. Relevant equations
qrxn = -qca
Ccal = qcal/∆T

3. The attempt at a solution
sorry but i'm really at total lost here. i took the prerequisite chemistry 4semesters ago
the only thing that i can find in searching are the formula on how to solve them but i can't quite get how to use those given only the dT


You are given much more - you know the volumes, you know concentrations (that gives amounts of acid and base), assuming density of 1 g/mL (often done for not too concentrated water solutions) you have also total mass. Plenty of data to solve the question.

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