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Homework Help: Calorimetry copper pot problem

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    Hey whats up,
    I am stuck on the following problem.

    a copper pot with mass of 0.5kg contains 0.170kg of water at a temperature of 20C. A 0.250kg block of iron at 85C is dropped into the pot. Find the final temperature assuming not heat loss.

    Ok, so Here is what i was thinking about doing:

    Qwater + Qiron + Qcopper = 0

    i know the initial temperature of the system, 20C. i also know the temp of the Iron block. so...How do i find the final T? Q = mc(Delta T), the delta T part is where im confused. How do i set up the equation so i can solve for Tfinal? Thanks for any help.
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    Your equation is set up correctly.

    [tex] \Delta T = T_{final} - T_{initial} [/tex]

    Just use the idea of

    [tex] m_{copper}c_{copper}(T_{final} - T_{initial copper}) + m_{water}c_{water}(T_{final} - T_{initial water}) + m_{iron}c_{iron}(T_{final} - T_{initial iron}) = 0[/tex]

    Use Distributive of product with respect to addition property, then factor the T final.
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    Sweet...thanks a lot man.
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