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Calorimetry Problem.

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I have a question that i cannot get an answer too.

AgNO3 (s) ---> Ag (aq) + NO3 (aq)

ΔH=0.908 kJ
c(Cu)=0.3900 J/g ͦC
Calculate the final temperature of a solution if 25.00g of pure AgNO3 is dissolved in 250.0mL of water (initially at 21.75 ͦC) in a 750.0g copper calorimeter.

Answers are appreciated. Thanks!


You are to assume that the solution water heat capacity is that of pure water. Other than that you have one source of heat and heat is absorbed by both copper calorimeter and solution.

yeah thermochem was always hell. i think you need to find the amount of heat from the reaction. is that enthalpy value J/mol? well, you know how many moles are reacting (simple conversion). you also know the mass of the final solution and as was stated in the previous post, you have heat capacity values.

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