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Calulate probability of points allocation

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    First time posting so be gentle :)

    I have a website and on the website I calculate popularity of objects over time.

    One of the objects is called 'Store Category' - a store has one or more categories.

    I.e. the store Easyjet, has categories 'Flights', 'Hotels' etc.

    In order to apply popularity at this level the visitor must have first chosen a category. This is not always the case, because I might present a list of stores and the visitor selects one directly, without narrowing the stores by category first.

    When this happens I'm left with a pot of popularity points where the category could not be identified. I would like to try and allocate the points using some kind of algorithm.

    So, take our example of Easyjet

    Easyjet operates in 3 categories, 'Flights', 'Hotels' and 'Travel Insurance'.

    Each category is operational for x days and has accrued x identifiable points.

    Flights - 90 days, 180pts
    Hotels - 30 days, 60pts
    Travel Insurance - 60 days, 0pts​

    I have 180pts in the pot that are yet to be allocated across the 3 categories, but what's a fair assumption?

    My first thoughts were a combination using time and points independently because otherwise categories with no points would never get allocated points from the pot.

    points to allocate = pot points * (days/total days + pts/total pts / 2)
    using Flights: 105 = 180 * ((90/180 + 180/270) / 2)​

    But I'm no mathematician so any help would be appreciated.


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