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Cambridge: BoGS Decsion

  1. Dec 14, 2011 #1
    I am an Italian Physics student, and I am currently waiting for the Board of Graduate Studies of University of Cambridge to confirm or reject the positive decisions made by departments and degree committee as far as my application for the part III of the Mathematical Tripos.

    It seems that(from various informations, also by a mail a secretary sent to an applicant) that the decision of the BoGS is only a formality and an application of conditions to the eventual offer(final mark of my first degree and IELTS I still have to take).

    Does anyone on this forum can confirm or refute that? I mean by personal experience, because reading other forums I have already come to know that BoGS's approval is just something administrative and formal.

    You can understand that I am very anxious about that. :eek:

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