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Camcorder Overseas

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    Hey I am going overseas where the voltage is 220 V not sure about frequency

    my camcorder's ac adapter says ~100 - 240 V on it

    Does this mean I do not need an external type of adapter (transformer of some sort)?

    I can just charge the camcorder there as well?

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    Yes, your camcorder adapter will work.
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    so is the voltage the only thing you really check for in the adapters to see what it accepts?

    or should i check for anything else?
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    Sometimes, frequency matters. I'm aware only of 50 Hz / 60 Hz, but every so often, something can't accept this different frequency (e.g. an alarm clock that keeps time based on the mains frequency). You should also make sure that your plug can physically fit in the socket, or that you have a plug adapter available.
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    I think my laptop says 100 - 240 V. 50/60 Hz. It can cope with a wide range of input voltage automatically. It will be a switched-mode 'electronic' power unit which can be designed to handle a wide range. I have seen power units which say 40 - 90 Hz but I think supplies which are not 50 or 60 are very rare. Some powers units have to be manually switched to the right voltage.

    Japan has a mixture of 50 and 60.
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    You may still need an adapter, because the plugs are often different.
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    Oh I see are there any specific type of adapters? Like what are the use, just so I can plug in what I have to get the type of plug that will fit in the different socket? Or does the adapter do anything else, internally?
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