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I'm looking for some software that will allow me to use the TV tuner port on my GE force 2 to record a camcorder video to my hard drive. I have digital software installed with the latest direct X drivers, but it says it doesn't recognize my camcorder as a video input device. Any ideas for doing this?


What is the exact make of your card?
I'm confused by the term "tuner port", and wonder if you mean the RCA Video Out, or possibly some other connection.


If thats a video in port, you don't get the camera recognized by the software, just the port. What capture softare are you using? I use Ulead Video Studio (free trial).


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Ya, your card needs a video input. I'm not sure the G2's have RCA inputs, you might need another piece of hardware.

Walmart sells a thing called Dazzle Movie creator or something. Dazzle is the key word. I use this to take movies off my camera, and all is required is plug the dazzle into a usb port, install the drivers that come with it, plug the video out from your camera into the dazzles corresponding port, get some stream ripping software like russ sugested and your in business.

You can also view the video in windows explorer, as it actually asigns a drive letter to the dazzle, but you need a screen capture utility of some sort to record it.

The one I got was pretty cheap cause I'm pretty broke as of recent. There are much better models from dazzle, and I'm sure other companys as well.

If your card does have video input, hmm. You might have to mess with the settings to enable the feed.


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You should be able to get a RCA -> Coax box at your local Rat Shack, or equivalent. Then you should be able to hit play on the camercorder, and capture it on the HDD.


How did you make out with this?

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