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Camel and fig

  1. Oct 19, 2004 #1
    You and your camel must move 10000 pounds of figs from Here to There. Here is 1000 miles from There.
    Your main problem is that you have been tricked and given a
    boulimic (not sure how it's written (no illiterate jokes)) camel which must eat a pound of figs per mile or else it will refuse to budge. On top of that your camel can only hold 1000 pounds of figs at a time.

    What is the maximum amount of grass you can get to There?
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    So far i got 1500 prolly we could transfer more ...
    need more thinking ....

    -- AI
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    This may be a spoiler :

    This question is the same as the desert-crossing teaser, here

    PS : Are we talking figs, or grass ?
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    If you made a mistake and ment the figgs, not grass, then the answer would be: none.

    Since there is 1000 miles to There, the camel must eat 1 pound per mile, that is 1000 pounds of figs per trip to There. But it can carry only 1000 pounds of figs, so it can only get to There, but it won't go back again :smile:

    That is of course, if you don't consider that a camel is bulemic. That means that it throws up everithing it eats. That means you get all your figgs back.

    In that case you only need 1 pound of figs at all times to fuel your cammel and it will be running from Here to There like crazy carying extra 999 pounds of figs :rofl:
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    About 1399.77 pounds...
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    About 1,470 pounds of figs.
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    You forgot to consider some figs could be left along the way to be used later...
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    How did you get it, Nate?

    My best is:

    Spend 1000 pounds, and move 9000 pounds to 1000/19 miles from the start point.
    Spend 1000 pounds, and move 8000 pounds to (1000/19 + 1000/17) miles from the start.
    Spend 1000 pounds, and move 2000 pounds to (1000/19 + ... +1000/5) = 799.922 miles from the start.

    At this point, there are 200.078 miles to go.

    So, spend 3*200.078 = 600.23 pounds to reach the end,
    with 2000 - 600.23 = 1399.77 pounds.
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    I used the magic of arithmetic errors. I was only movng the camel whole mile increments and missed a carry - so I should have been at 1377.
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