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Camel milk anyone?

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    BBC - Camel's milk could hit UK shelves


    What's next - moose milk? Penguin milk? :biggrin:
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    Sounds nasty, but so does "milk" in general from any donor, so not much difference there.
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    #Goes hunting for Pengwuino with milking pumps and a tranquiliser gun# :biggrin:

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    I can't look. :surprised
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    It contains 10 times more Iron, but is that necessary though?

    Also, it's saltier. Is that really beneficial to the west with heart disease issues?

    I bet most people hit their daily sodium limit at breakfast time!
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    Is it a good thing that it has 10 times the iron?.... Maybe for women..?
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    Sounds like an alright thing to drink, if you think any milk is an alright thing to drink. Penguin milk might be... interesting... though...
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