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Campus are running Microsoft Windows XP

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    The class computers here on campus are running Microsoft Windows XP, with some very riduculous security measures. I suppose they are useful, but for someone who spends most of their time in the class labs and uses LaTeX for documents and Maple for CAS software, these security measures are a hassle. YOu can't install software, download anything from Internet explorer (since I can't install software, I can't install Mozilla). The fix...

    A Knoppix-Live CD.

    Last night, I downloaded Knoppix-Live CD iso, and burnt it to a CD. This morning when I got to my first class, I popped in the 750mb Zip disk (for home directory and custom modification storage), along with the Knoppix-Live CD. I had the system up and running (with an IP address) in a minute or so. I setup Knoppix to use my Zip disk for the home directory and /usr/local/binner for local binaries. I installed the Unix version of Maple along with creating a few documents using LaTeX.

    Knoppix boots up in KDE, so I changed to something more suitable like FVWM. Wrote the config files to the ZIp disk.

    Next time I insert the CD and Zip disk in any system on campus (assuming the system has a CD and Zip drive) it will come up with my last configuration, along with my home directory.

    All I can say, Knoppix is nice.
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    I used knoppix to recover some data from a friend's virus infested computer. Works very well
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    graphic7, that's a pretty slick idea. I never thought about doing that. Thanks.
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    I use Knoppix on poorly maintained computers or unknown public computers when I wish to check my email or access some remote files. This avoids any spyware, keyloggers or viruses that might be lurking in those computers.

    I also use Knoppix to delete files and directories that Windows prevents me from deleting because they are "in use".

    I think Knoppix can read and write to USB flash drives as well. (I'm not familiar with 750MB zip disks.)

    Some live-Linux-CDs let you customize the included packages. I haven't tried to build my own CD yet.
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    yeh good idea man :-)
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    Yes, Knoppix does have full suport for UMASS (USB Mass Storage devices). These devices would include any USB drives (flash, zip, hard drive, etc.)

    My next task will be putting one of my ancient 4gb IDE drives to use. I just bought a usb drive cage, and I'll mount the drive in it. Knoppix, well any operating system, will see it as a typical USB drive. 4 gigs doesn't sound like much, but it is for portability.
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