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Campus Crime Statistics

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    Just curious what people's campus crime statistics are

    this is from UAF in Fairbanks, Alaska

    http://www.uaf.edu/police/crime.html [Broken]

    Alaska has a liquor problem, no?
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    Liquor, drugs. I think there is a trend here :smile:
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    We are currently having a string of armed robberies.
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    Our school has to its credit two alcohol-related Darwin awards (honorable mentions actually, because of the alcohol impairment), and a few other alcohol-related deaths which did not win awards. Incidentally, our report shows zero alcohol arrests in each of the last three years.
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    We definitely have a problem with underage drinking around here.

    The stats are in a PDF file, so I'm not going to bother linking or attaching it. But, in 2005, just the on-campus arrests for liquor law violations was 241 and administrative referrals was 857. I actually thought the Fairbanks numbers seemed low for a state with such a high rate of alcoholism, but maybe general attitudes lead to them turning more of a blind eye to it.

    We seem to also have a high rate of "property destruction." I'm not sure if that includes the couches burned after the homecoming game every year (don't ask, I don't know why).
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    There's a couple factors, I think:

    1) more woods and rural area. The smarter kids go out the road and burn pallates somewhere on a mountain instead of bringing liquor into their dorms. There's also dorms you're allowed to bring alcohol into, and a pub on site, so there's plenty of opportunities to get your buzz on without breaking the law.

    2) this may be equivalent to turning a blind eye, but I see a lot of instances of the cops making the kids poor out the booze before they even get to the party and advising them to go home, figuring the money they spent on it was lesson enough.
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    Every time something happens around here the police send out e-mails to students and staff. I keep getting a new one like this every day!

    10/05/06 - robbery
    10/04/06 - (2) robbery& Burglaries
    10/01/06 - robbery
    9/30/06 - robbery
    9/26/06 - (2) robbery
    9/24/06 -(2) robbery

    If you never hear from me again, you know why.
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    'Cause the cops finally caught you?
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