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Can a magnetic field heat up?

  1. May 29, 2015 #1

    can continuously changing magnetic field increase the temperature of a magnetic material?

    my hypothesis is that the continuously change of magnetic field will cause a continuous change in orientation of the atoms of the magnetic material and thus it will increase the thermal energy of the material and thus its temperature

    is this something real?

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    Yes - this is the principle of induction heating, but it is mainly by the induction of small eddy currents in a conducting metal rather than flipping atoms or their nuclei.
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    can you give me an example? how much can I heat up a magnetic material with a 120V operated magnet?
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    For inductive heating you don't need magnetic material.
    But magnetizing and demagnetizing a magnetic material repeatedly may result in some heating too. I believe it is not very efficient for heating something.
    Look up "magnetostriction heating".

    How much you can heat something, by any method, will depend so much on the specific material, size, shape, many other conditions, that such a question cannot be answered meaningfully.
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    A standard 220v induction heater can produce in excess of 2000W. It feeds a copper coil a very high cycle AC wave which causes huge magnetic flux. This in turn will heat the metal utensil.
    Efficiency is around 80% i think.
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    I thought induction heater works with infrared, not with electromagnetic
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    maybe you should check out the meaning of the word induction and how it applies in physics :smile:


    and scroll down a little

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