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Can a PE license be revoked?

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    I have noticed in many of the medical TV shows that Dr. X in danger of getting his medical license removed is a common theme. I have also read of several times a MD has lost his/her license because of gross negligence.

    That got me wondering if similar cases happen, but with an Engineer and a PE license. So is getting a PE revoked something that can happen? If so, is it more or less common then MD's getting their license revoked?
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    It can happen, but usually it doesn't. Engineers have the advantage of working in (sometimes very large) teams of people as such they aren't as exposed as someone who operates solely on their own. When things do go catastrophically wrong it's usually the guy at the top who gave the ok who has his head on the block.

    It's slightly different in the UK, becuase although you can lose professional accreditation, it does not bar you from working as an engineer. As such it's only in very high profile cases that people get kicked out. You can be put up for criminal negligence though.
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    Yes it can and it has happened. Any PE that signs off on a drawing or design is liable to an extent. Look at the guys who worked on projects like the Hyatt in Kansas City. When the walkway collapsed, there were quite a few engineers that were casualties as well.

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    Even a U.S president can get their "license" revoked. It's called impeachment.
    There are some credentials, however, that seem to be permanent.
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