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B Can an atom be created?

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    The Dalton's atomic theory states that atoms can neither be created nor destroyed. Then how was the first even atom created in this blank space? Is it physically possible to create an atom?
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    Dalton theory applies to ordinary chemical reactions.
    It is important to get the context of theories, and the application limits, besides the actual content.
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    Both of nuclear fission reactions and fusion reactions result in the creation of new atoms, although of course these are produced from previously existing atoms.
    The very first atoms, nearly all Hydrogen and Helium, came in to being several hundred thousands of years after the big bang.
    Before that the Universe was a very hot plasma of particles, too hot for electrons to bind with protons.
    After that the first generation of stars came in to being, these fusing the H and He into bigger atoms - other elements.
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