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Can an Electrical Eng. with good Physics-GRE enroll in master physics program ?

  1. Aug 29, 2009 #1

    I have just graduated as an Electrical Engineer in one of the universities in middle east.
    Now Iam working in a local company.

    my GPA is 3.44 and I have the following Background :

    Physics : Physics A & B , Analog & Digital electronics , EM I & II
    Math : Calculus A,B & C , ODE , Probabilities

    I haven't taken the Physics GRE (PGRE) yet . But I Plan to first self-study some physics topics like mechanics , optics , quantum mechanics , relativity , statistical physics , solid-state , waves and vibration and atomic physics.

    I will self-study these topics in a period of 1.5 years , not just to pass the PGRE , but for myself to really understand..So the study will bee serious although not a type of formal education.

    The question
    Suppose I got a good PGRE score - say 900 - then will any American or UK university admit me despite not being a physics major ??

    @ Admins : sorry , but plz move this thread to Academic Guidance .
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