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Homework Help: Can any one solve these for me ?

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    1) calculate frequencies by a listener under the following circumstances.a)a listner moves with a velocity of 60km/hr directly towards a stationary source emitting sound waves of frequency 2000hz.
    b)source is moving directly towards listener with a velocity of 60 km/h,observer is at rest. c)source and listener both are moving toward each other with velocity 50km/h.
    2) a diverging lens of focal lenght 15cm porduces of image of magnification one third.
    i)where is the object located.
    ii)where is the image located.
    iii)draw graphical representation.
    3) water falls over waterfall of height 50m at a rate of 5000 cubic per minute. determine the power generated.if water takes 10 minutes to reach the ground and also calculate work done by water.

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    Apply the doppler effect
    Apply the magnification formula
    Apply Energy Equations
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    No, we won't do your homework for you. Show us the work you've attempted, and let us know where you get stuck. Then we'll help.

    - Warren
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