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Can any1 can solve this

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    Please find solution.

    We have learnt from our childhood that area of an entire body (triangle, circle, rectangle etc) is equal to the sum of area of the parts it contains... and even if these parts are arranged differently, the area remains unchanged... but this mail challenges this fact... Do let me know if you get an answer for this one...

    Here's a puzzling new discovery:
    Recently a professor in MIT has put a new theory on right-angled triangles that has challenged some accepted norms in Geometry. This theory, Prof. John Mentriffe says, will revolutionize area in mathematics that deals with calculation of motion objects in space and design of the Universe.

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    oh i see it, they are not triangles. both the small triangles have different slopes. one triangle has a side ratio of 2:3 and another 8:3
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    It's an optical illusion, our eyes like to see straight lines, and we usually don't notice that they bulge or tuck unless we are told to...
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