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Can anyone figure out this encryption?

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    Can anyone figure out this encryption?
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    "yomamma is the coolest and funniest member and should win the PF funniest member award"
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    No, we can't. If could be anything because you could have used a one-time pad.

    Now, maybe we could figure out what it's likely to be if you used some really bad encryption...
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    I spent some time on this, and I'd like to know the answer.
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    That's what I got too, but why did you spell 'slowest' c-o-o-l-e-s-t? :rofl:

    sueanne, if you confirm that this is a systematical encryption, I will give it a go, otherwise, there is no hope of anyone solving it unless we steal your secret decoder ring :P
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    There are clearly repetitive symbols, so I figure perhaps its just some alphabet-shift. I tried by displacing the most repeating symbols with vowels, but it still did not yield anything.
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