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Can anyone help answer this?

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    [Missed off the title - Please]

    Hi guys,

    I've created a blog to publish some ideas that I've had and would usually use the posts as a journal to revisit them and try to work them out myself at a later date or just add to them.

    The first post I've done is regarding a question I've always battled to answer due to lack of time or looking in the right places and it revolves around the expansion of our universe.

    I was wondering if anyone had some spare time if they could have a quick read and see if you can shed some light? There is more than likely a solid explanation however I am yet to find it.

    My post can be found here: http://nauticalthoughts.com/expansion-universe/ [Broken]

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    I skimmed 'til I got to the point where you said "this is the point at which the big bang occurred" or something similar, and stopped. This is nonsense. I suggest you start with the link in my signature.
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    Thanks Phinds, reading it now, thanks again for the link.
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    Just reading through, I am unsure why I have not heard of the balloon analogy before, it seems to sum up pretty much everything I have written about. Thanks for this, its very useful.
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