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Can anyone help me with these ? Please!

  1. Apr 9, 2012 #1
    Right, so imagine you have an HF molecule, and using Beer-Lambert´s law, you know that the concentration of the molecules are c. You also know that, according to a rotational spectrum, the rotational level with the greatest population is J = 4.

    Now, my question is... how is the concentration calculated in c different from the total concentration of HF? My teacher says that that concentration is due to absoroptions from the J=4 state, and that since many other states may be populated, the concentration is effectively greater. But I don't get it!!

    What does rotations have to do with absoroptions? My answer to the question would be to say that not all the molecules are in the ground state, and not all of them absorb energy, but some emit a photon. So effectively, you only measure those molecules which absorb, not emit..

    Any ideas to why I'm wrong and he's right? (cause I'm guessing he is right, right??!)
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