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Can anyone help?

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    Can anyone help??

    My problem is sort of weird. The thing is I have an interest for learning / studying but the problem is, I can't focus, stay on one subject and I lack direction. I don't know what to do. That's my main problem. I have all the desire but I just don't know what to do.

    I've checked out MIT Open courseware and Wikiversity and they're really cool and my bro has some nice text books that just collects dust but the problem is I don't know what to study and when I try something, I can't stay on it I jump to something else.

    I'm trying to decide between studying Biology because that's my major, but then math is my weakness and I'm trying to learn the basics from Algebra. I make grammatical errors in my writing and I want to work on that too and also my reading speed and I want to expand my vocabulary. Then there are other things I want to learn about just for fun like engineering to be able to build things just as a hobby. I saw this puzzle like problem in a text book and I would love to mess with problems like that for fun in my spare time. It's somewhat of chemistry of Biology. It looked like H-O-H. It was really interesting and I'd like to learn and mess around with stuff like that.

    Can someone please help?? I'd really appreciate it.
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    Re: Can anyone help??

    you are not alone , but I think if you find a goal(s) for your life and try to manage your time to achieves this goal(s) will help you a lot. Remember your goal(s) have to be SMART.
    Time specific
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    Re: Can anyone help??

    I agree with abc but here's two cent; concrete your fundamentals of maths (suchAs algebra and englirsh) before tackling. Your hobbies ( like puzzles or engineering projects) I guess that things are distracting you you should try setting priorities first.
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    Re: Can anyone help??

    I think you need to learn to separate things which you are truly passionate about and committed to, and things which you simply have an interest in and think are fun.

    Study/learn about the former things first, and the latter things if you have time left.
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    Re: Can anyone help??

    :) ah young one! don't worry! some of us older ones have the exact same problems!
    well, I studied biology and the amount of maths you need depends on what area you study... so like for predator/prey stuff and the spread of disease you will need some algebra and equations for modelling the interactions. and for field experiments you will need statistics... actually there is quite a need for statistics in biology - whatever you research, the results need to be analysed by statistics.
    but dont worry if you are not good at it now - you will probably cover it in your uni course, and if not, then you will have time to study it in your own time.

    yeah, its difficult to stay focused if you dont know what you want... maybe try thinking long term - what you want in 5 years or 10 years, and then see what path you should take to get you there?
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