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Can anyone imagine this universe

  1. Jul 26, 2005 #1
    I can imagine a universe that has no time because its light-energy has no time so that it cannot travel and yet it travels so fast that it makes everything else, with time, stationary.
    I can also imagine a universe in which everything is the same time=space=energy=mass=thoughts so that everything can then be as different as a mind wants it to be.
    I can also imagine that this universe is expanding as fast as the thoughts that keep feeding it to create it.
    I can also imagine that this universe has no center because it is an expanding sphere with a future for an outside and the past for an inside.
    I can also imagine a universe that cannot exist because it does not have the antiparticles it needs to exist so that it can then not-exist even better.
    I can also imagine that in this universe the Observer determines the observations.

    I can imagine all these absurdities because it is MY DREAM that has all sorts of imaginary egos and intellects that do not realize that they are in MY DREAM.
    -- just thoughts
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