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Can anyone kindly suggest any ideas about the physics project.

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    I am a student studying in BSc I year level. I would like to submit a project next year to get through KVPY,a program initiated by Govt of India. Can anyone kindly suggest any ideas about the project.
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    Re: Project

    brother me too searching the same thing. I think we have to email to somebody at IISc as displayed on the KVPY page.
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    Re: Project

    People might be able to help you with some ideas, but you have to give us a little more information. What is KVPY? Is this a physics or engineering project? What kinds of projects have students done in the past? Is this a summer project, or something to work on through your second year? Does it have to be original? What is your end goal - publication? Oral presentation? Term paper?

    Or, should you be coming up with an idea on your own as part of the whole exercise?
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    Re: Project

    Thanxs for your interest. KVYP stands for "Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna". Organised by IISc Bangalore. It aims to select students for research programmes in sciences (phy, mat, bio) and also provide them with stipends. Google "KVPY" for more...
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