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Homework Help: Can anyone recommend a good calculus review?

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    I am taking statistical mechanics this quarter, using the textbook Thermodynamics and an intro to thermostatics by Callen.

    The math in the derivations is from calculus, which I had 4 years ago and didn't really put all that much effort into.

    Consequently, I need a solid review of some basic mathematics (and by basic I mean calculus :-p)

    For instance, I have no clue how to take the derivative of a sum, containing terms such as (ln(1-e^-Bx))
    F = Kb T sum(ln(1-e^-Bhw))
    where B is the boltzman factor, h is h bar and w is omega (the frequency).
    then I have no clue how to go from there to Cv = dU/dT
    U = d/dB(BF)

    a grim situation indeed
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&action=view&journalid=13790&perpage=10&page=5 [Broken]

    Scroll down until the "info on the web-entry"

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    That's weird...It means you're using another (certainly newer) version of Callen. :eek: The one i knew didn't have statistical mechanics.It is a very good book on thermodynamics (in its first edition it was the first to give a reasonable treatment of neogibbsian formulation of (equilibrium) thermodynamics) and i strongly recconmend you study it...
    As for calculus,i'd still go for Hilbert & Courant and Arfken...

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