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Can anyone show me this?

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    http://ejokeimg.pchome.com.tw/see-post.html?Flow_No=30201&cat=47&rank=" [Broken]

    I try using the commutation relation of the position operator and the Hamiltonian, but failed.:bugeye::bugeye:

    Thanks for your kindly help!
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    By the way, I don't know how to show the pics directly, sorry about that.
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    Multiply the left hand side by the energy denominator. Insert the hamiltonian operator. The commutator trick should then work.
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    Thanks for your reply.^^ You mean like this?
    But it's not the original equation. I know that the commutator of position and Hamiltonian is equal to velocity multiplies by
    i and hbar(positive or negative sign added). But what I wanna know is how to transform the position operator "itself" into the "velocity form" in the first pic I posted. Or my procedure is simply incorrect?

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    Ooooooooooops, I got through it, thanks for you help!!
    You are right! No further questions at all...
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