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Can anyone tell me

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    Why all textbooks in mathematics published by Springer-Verlag are violently YELLOW!! in color? Is there a reasonable excuse for this?

    (I'm talking about these abominations.)
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    Just because it fingerprints their job. It's kind of a logo. Same as why Oreilly publishes all books with wrinkle creatures that have nothing to do with overall theme of the book.
    Most of the publishers do the same thing on book series.
    After all, look is not relevant at all, it's much better to call upon publishers for text they put in, and not covers.
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    But it's not just wrinkle creatures, the whole books are freakin' painted yellow!

    Am I the only one who's concerned?
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    Yes, you are the only one....well, maybe pengwunio too, but then again he can't read so....
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    As one who has never read a textbook, I can only say... What the hell are you talking about?! Yellow text?! That's like back on my Atari 800 when the only options were hideous contrasting colours. I always used the yellow-on-black scheme, because it was the easiest on the eyes.
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    The text is normal, it's the covers that are painted solid yellow.
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    Oh, well then... You have nothing to complain about.
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    I'm not complaining (though I should), I'm trying to find an explanation. Is it some kind of twisted marketing ploy? Or is it an old tradition with obscure roots? Maybe the whole thing is a practical joke being carried out on helpless students?

    There's got to be a why. You don't paint things yellow by accident.
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    I think it looks fine, quit whining.
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    Unless you post a picture of the thing, I can only go by what you've talked about. On that basis, I see no problem. Can you link me to a visual of the book?
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    ever seen cliff notes? :zzz:
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    What colour are Post-Its ?
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    McGraw-Hill: Red cloth, black spine. Addison-Wesley: yellow or orange cloth, gold lettering on spine. Springer: yellow gloss, occasional white title background on front. ACS: dark blue cloth, gold lettering. CRC: oversize, faux stained leather "crinkle, standard "CRC format" on spine. "It's called "marketing." A Pontiac ain't a Pontiac without the center "fang" on the grill/body.
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    If you don't like the look of the cover, get yourself some plain brown paper and make a new cover for it, or get any color paper you like. It'll keep the original cover in better condition too. I don't see what the big deal is. Why do you care what the cover looks like? It's just a textbook, not something they're going to use to wallpaper your room.
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    Makes them rather consipucuous and visible on the library shelf or in a university book store. :biggrin: At the uni bookstore, I would just look for a big yellow band of books - saved me from searching. :rofl:
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    AAAAHHHH, my eyes!!! Geeze those are hideous. :surprised
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    I told you so! :rofl:
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    How silly would it be if the http://www.springer.com/east/home/sales?SGWID=5-40289-12-150616-0" sold blue books? (though it often includes the Green Sale as well)

    They do have variations, the classic series is a paler yellow:

    The old undergrad texts were all yellow (no white portion at the top like gradute books):
    and a newer undergrad look:

    It's a good marketing technique, you always know who published the book and they still allow for some variations in their different series with a common theme.
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    I love the yellow books! You pull one out, and everyone instantly knows you're a nerd :smile:
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