Can death be triggred by genes

  1. is genes responsible for natural death in animals and human beings due to aging. can aging process be reversed by controlling biological clock
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    Look up senescence.
    The short answer is: we don't know.
  4. Reversing the aging process means making the genes mutate to their original form, the likelyhood of that happening is sort of like the likelyhood of walking trough a wall(quantum mechanics)

    Anyways, all you need to become young are genes that are good, your genes become deteriorated with time, and get all sort of flaws... once in a million time they mutate for your good(evolution) but mostly it just causes nothing to happened... or biological faliures.

    Simply do this to become young:

    replace all your genes by the genes you had when you were young OR

    Replace all your genes by somebodies elses genes, a young person genes, the problem is you wont be you anymore.. but you could have a brothers genes or a combination of peoples genes from your own race. Oh yeah there is the allergic reaction problem, but i've heard scientists kill all your own cells first, than put new genetically different ones.. (stem cells) sometimes they put viruses inside your body that do this.

    This is something that phd. professors are just now starting to do.

    More 3012 than 2012 actually, and if you want to do something on those lines it costs a lot of money, trust me I checked.
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  5. Ryan_m_b

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    Evolution is a process that occurs over generations, not individual organisms.
    There are other factors in ageing such as cellular senescence via telomere length and tissue degradation leading to age related diseases. I highly doubt that all of ageing can be linked to accumulated DNA damage or that simply fixing said damage would cause tissue regeneration.
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    True, there are other factors such as protein damage that are also very important.
  7. Um okay, I'm pretty sure protein damage... AND tissue damage can all be linked to dna deterioration, the faulty dna makes for faulty tissue. And yes I know about the telemores, they are actually a defensive system that kills cells that have devided often(less* likely to be less genetically whole). And there actually is a hormone or protein that scientists have tested on mice that makes telomeres rebuild, so just combined with previously named method. Or create a fetus clone, whitch will have whole telomores(the stem cells of the clone).

    Yes that's true, evolution happens slowly, but I'm pretty sure the way genetic changes that makes species get wings for example happen with many genetical mutations over time.
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  8. Were the responses sufficient to address your original question?
  9. what causes grey hair, stoppage of growth in height and old age disease like blood pressure, etc.can man live for more than 120 year?
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    That would be a "no" then?
    All those questions are easily answered with a quick google: eg. that last one: - yes, it is possible.

    Verified oldest person was 122 years, 164 days, when she died.

    So I have a feeling you are avoiding asking the question that really interests you.
  11. the question that is in my mind is that is it in theory at least possible to make a blue print for immortality
  12. Evo

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    Not right now.
  13. Simon Bridge

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    Not right now - still doing the feasability studies.
  14. Ryan_m_b

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    Not always, much of the time the degradation is accumulated by the tissues and not healed. Think scars for instance, there's nothing wrong with the DNA but the tissue hasn't healed properly. Just fixing the DNA would not be enough.
  15. Ryan_m_b

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    We don't even have a good enough understanding of ageing to take a stab at that.
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