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Can finger stick together?

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    Hello, Chitose wonder chick again.

    I don't know which word I should use so I just use 'stick'


    I know it's sound silly but...

    If we tear skin between finger out and tie it up flesh to flesh. does cell between two finger gonna merge together after wound are heal?
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    Hello chitose.I think they could merge together.Didn't some of the earliest(and presently used)plastic surgery techniques work on this principle?
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    So, Our cell can merge Just like we engraft the plant?

    well... what if between two different people? is it gonna stick? or have some negative effect?.
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    Generally, I'd expect the two immune systems to attack each other. But perhaps with identical twins?
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    They would stick together. A similar thing happened to me:
    After I had surgery to remove my appendix, they cut through my skin and through the muscle to get to it. After it healed, the skin and muscle healed together. Now where my scar is, the skin is stuck to the muscle.
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    Yes they can. This is a technique also cleverly used in various surgeries such as modified osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis, a very dramatic eye operation where a tooth is implanted in the eye to restore the vision!!
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